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The trainer asked, “What do you think a woman can contribute when her community is facing a disaster, say after a super typhoon battered her place?”

“Sweep the streets,” a man said.

These were the exchange of words I heard when I once attended a Gender and Development Training. To the eyes of some, or maybe most, women are only capable of doing menial tasks. I was hurt. And insulted at the same time.

Was it the trainer’s fault for asking such a question? Or was it the man’s for giving an answer he thought is right?

It was neither’s.

The real problem is lack of awareness. Ask a random woman what she can do in the same scenario given and we still don’t have a hundred percent guarantee of her giving a satisfying answer.

But it is not only the roles of women that are not highlighted. It is not only the women who are kept at the margins. The out-of-school youth and the indigenous peoples are another two groups. The engagement of the former is not much asked for. The efforts of the latter are not fully recognized.

I write to somehow address this problem. For now, I will be writing short hypothetical poems to share stories of the marginalized. But it is my greatest dream to feature true stories of representatives from these groups. Someday, I would love this blog to somehow contribute to their empowerment and development of self-actualization. And all these are just my own initial little step to center the margins. To break down barriers.


I am a BS Biology graduate who loves writing. I had been part of the school’s publication in grade school and high school. Before, I used to write song lyrics for my sister and I have been very fond of writing poems even back then. But I didn’t really become great at writing. And I know why. It’s because I don’t read much. Yep, that’s why my pieces aren’t really that good. When I started to criticize myself and my write-ups, I led myself to my own burnout and didn’t write anything for almost seven years.

Now, look at me. Starting out a blog and having a domain of my own. Yes, my writing style’s now a bit different from before and everything needs polishing, but I couldn’t be any prouder for myself! And, oh, I’m starting to read some books, too, and finally, I’m starting to get it why reading is addictive. No matter how small a step this could be, an inch forward is still an advancement.

Now, here’s a short story telling the reason why I stopped writing and here’s another to know more about how everything started. Hope you’ll like them and get inspired. Thanks!

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  1. Girl, go you! What an incredible motivation – and how inspiring the fact that you turned a prejudiced comment into a beautiful mission. I sincerely hope to have you sometime as guest blogger over thewellbeingblogger.com – I identify a lot with your style and nature!

    1. Hi, Vanessa! Sharing the stories of the marginalized communities through poetry is hitting two birds with one stone. Thanks as well. Just the thought that you want me as a guest blogger already pumps me up. Most especially if it’s coming from you whom I see as an inspiration. I know I already told you about that 🙂

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