I already lose count.
I fell asleep, quite deep –
An hour or two.
I’m not sure.
tick-tock –
Never in a second of a clock
Has passed no one.

I see them all
From my usual spot –
Khaki double-breasted coat
On a bright sky,
Unbuttoned shirt
Of a not so nicely built guy,
Cane crossing streets,
Crimson lips!
I see them clearly.
Nineteen steps from the ground, exactly.
Even the rusty sky of dust,
The racing steering wheels
of the passengers’ trust.
It’s a typical day.
My face is not on my hand;
Legs not crossed.
My cup's empty – 
No penny to toss.
My arms full
with my baby.
She's sound asleep.
Wiped her face from sweat.
But some more grease
I left instead.

It's a typical day
'Til you handed me a penny.
Guess, I made a lot today.

This story is written NOT to encourage the readers to reach into their pockets for a “penny” and give it to any street beggar they come across. Even I don’t do this. I believe they are in need of something that’s not money. That’s my WiP. 🙂

With this piece, I hope you find fortune in every cent!

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26 thoughts on “Footbridge

  1. This is awesome!!!! Loves the progression of the picture you painted with words, my brain grew more and more curious as the scene was built up. Amazing, really talented. Please don’t ever stop writing. We can’t wait another seven years to find out where your stories will take us.

    1. Thank you! You’re the very first one to appreciate this piece! And many thanks for that 😍 As long as there’s someone like you who believes in my works, I won’t stop writing again. Not again. I’d still love to see how can my blog help me with my advocacy and that’s telling the stories of the marginalized 😊

  2. This poem is so heartbreaking! I could see the exact scenes in my mind as I continue reading this beautiful piece. And finally, when I thought it was over, you throw in a child and ended it with ‘guess, I made a lot today’. What an ending! It really makes you wonder why our world is so unfair and what you could do to turn this around! Thank you for this amazing poem and keep it up! I’ll keep myself updated!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I’m actually writing from the perspective of the underrepresented communities one is to, somehow, let my readers appreciate even the smallest of things we are fortunate to have and still see them as blessings.

    1. Thank you! I was trying not to reveal the speaker of the poem right in the beginning and it sounds really effective from reading all of your comments guys and gals!

  3. I love that this encourages the reader to think and consider the way that they may be able to bless someone else. As you said, it’s not necessarily about money, but any way that you can offer assistance. When we go out for a weekend getaway I love picking up an extra coffee or two and some bagels with my morning coffee to bless those that I see nearby the coffee shops in whatever city we’re at. It’s not much, but I hope that it gives them a smile to start their day.

    1. Thank you for being a good Samaritan! Thank you for being a blessing to the unfortunate. I’m very glad, too, that you were able to appreciate the message on this poem. I’m very much blessed to hear your story. And I hope that the fortunate ones who didn’t experience to be homeless will get to appreciate even the smallest of things that they’ve got. 😊

    1. Thank you, Diana, for finding this amazing 😊 I will be writing more good stories like this one as I would love to improve my skills, too, while sharing my thoughts on poverty.

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