I already lose count.
I fell asleep, quite deep –
An hour or two.
I’m not sure.
tick-tock –
Never in a second of a clock
Has passed no one.

I see them all
From my usual spot –
Khaki double-breasted coat
On a bright sky,
Unbuttoned shirt
Of a not so nicely built guy,
Cane crossing streets,
Crimson lips!
I see them clearly.
Nineteen steps from the ground, exactly.
Even the rusty sky of dust,
The racing steering wheels
of the passengers’ trust.
It’s a typical day.
My face is not on my hand;
Legs not crossed.
My cup's empty – 
No penny to toss.
My arms full
with my baby.
She's sound asleep.
Wiped her face from sweat.
But some more grease
I left instead.

It's a typical day
'Til you handed me a penny.
Guess, I made a lot today.

This story is written NOT to encourage the readers to reach into their pockets for a “penny” and give it to any street beggar they come across. Even I don’t do this. I believe they are in need of something that’s not money. That’s my WiP. 🙂

With this piece, I hope you find fortune in every cent!

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