I curled my body trying to fit
in an arm-stretch blanket already full of holes.
My knees are almost kissing my cheeks.
I tucked my arms inside the C.
The skin on my knees is scraped
from the inside by my own bones.

It’s another night of escaping from the cold -
But it has already reached my toes.

I turned and now lie on my right instead.
Now, I’m facing the backrest of the steel bench,
while my back is rubbed against an empty space
As if in the morning behind me is not a busy place;
Filled with families, groups of friends, and lovers,
and most have the same faces.
That’s what I see, at least when they look at me.

The wind blew.
I bit my lip –
Suddenly remembered
that another day has passed
and had nothing to fill my cheeks.
And in a few hours,
when the sun is up again,
tonight’s going to be yesterday
And tomorrow will be the same.

It is cold.
Even colder than the silent rays of moonlight.
But I realized it is brought not by the night.
The cold stirs from the inside.
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